Welcome to our busy kitchen; the engine room of Robineau where busy chefs lovingly prepare food to bring you pleasure.
Our ethos from day one has been about honouring authentic methods of cooking and using fresh ingredients. In our modern world food has become ‘fast’. At Robineau you will discover ‘slow’ cooking which allows flavour to develop. Our attention to detail is captured in everything we create and our service is warm, friendly and helpful.
Freshly Made, Everyday
In order for the counters to be full at 10am our kitchen team are up with the birds making their way into work for 6am. Ovens are switched on ready to place trays of bread and scones to bake ………. the busier we are the earlier the alarm is!
Supplier Deliveries
It’s not just us that are up and on the go early; our suppliers are too. Our milk and cream arrives from Acorn Dairy quietly in the back lane and then follows fruit and vegetables….meat from Alderson's butchers in the village and fish from Hodgson's…..and that’s not the full list…..
Busy Bees
Whilst bread and croissants are baking, quiches and frangipanes are waiting in the oven queue. Patisserie is being meticulously decorated and savoury dishes assembled and garnished ready to be placed on the shop trolley. Wash up is getting higher, oh, and let’s not forget your orders! They are to prepare for 10am too!
Setting up the shop
It's 8am and one of our girls are in to set up the patisserie and savoury counters. The trolley is wheeled from the kitchen full of today’s gorgeous goodies…….quiches, individual patisseries, sandwiches, tarts …………and once that’s done it’s time to check and box customer orders.
It's opening time
The shop is full of the smell of our freshly baked breads and scones, the counters are full, the café tables are all ready to receive early morning breakfasts and coffees so it's lights on, raise the blind and turn the key……’Good morning, what can we tempt you to today!’……….